Coming Back

I know that i have not blogged recently, but I will try to get better. So what have I been doing, you may ask. I have mostly done homework, gone to school, listen to Les Miserables songs, and be bored. Now on to the present. I have a band concert on Tuesday, and I am not ready for it at all. We are going to be playing Aladdin, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Tonight I realized that I did not practice over the weekend. Oops! Well, that's about all for right now!

Halloween Help

I need some ideas for a Halloween costume that I can make myself. HELP!!!

My Hike

Yesterday I went on a sunrise hike.
 It was 10-13 miles long. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and got to the temple around 4:00 in the afternoon. I got six blisters and it is hard to walk. I had to wear flip-flops to church and I am very sore today.

First day of school!!!

Today was the first day of school. It was boring, scary, and a little bit tedious. I got of the bus (it had three to a seat in every seat but one ) and went to my locker. Then the bell rang so it was off to first period. My first period teacher seems nice. He said that if he didn't know our names ( first or last ) by next Friday we would get an ice cream party.

 Second period was math. I went to my classroom and saw no one I knew and everyone looked a lot older than me. At first I thought I had got the wrong classroom but I double checked. I was in the right spot. I went in and took a spot that didn't have that many people around it. There were only two other seventh graders in my class.

Third period was boring.

Forth  period was band and we watched Kermit the frog and Cookie Monster mystery box.

Fifth was boring.

Sixth was a boring assembly.

Then we got on the buses and went home. Hurray!!!


Cookie Monster

No, I am not talking about the cute fluffy guy on seaseme street, I am talking about the dessert from Pizza Pie Cafe.

   I got a huge one for free with a coupon tonite.  Does that look yummy?
I got one of these and ate part of it with my friends. We didn't have spoons so we just put our fingers in and licked them.


Family Reunion

 I just got back from a family reunion. During it we went to ice age 4, the park, went rafting 2 times, ate a lot, and had a fun time. The last family reunion was a long time ago. Here is a picture to prove that. it is me and my cousin Adriana.